I Want to be Fucked Really Hard

My problem is men never fuck me hard enough. I tell them to and they sorta try, but it’s never hard enough. They seem to think I’m fragile or something. I’m not. I like it hard. Really hard. I know because I do it to myself all the time with big, fat, giantic cocks molded from real porn stars. My favorites are the huge black guys. Especially if they have dicks that do that cool curvy thing some penises do. That hits the spot. Or uncircumsized. Wow. they totally rock my world. But most important of all, I want to be fucked really freaking hard.

How can I get real world men to real fuck me hard, like the way I do to myself? I would like some real cock and I would like it to be satisfyingly hard.


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3 Responses to I Want to be Fucked Really Hard

  1. porn_star_coming says:

    why bother with real men. you sound like you have everything you need in your sex toy cocks.

  2. teninchesplus says:

    i volunteer to fuck you really hard.

  3. halloween freak says:

    you should show your real man exactly what you mean. give him a demonstration with one of your porn star cocks. Do yourself in front of him just as you would like him to do you. Nothing is more clear than a visual lesson.

    Once he sees what you want and how excited it makes you, he’ll want to fulfill your desires and will make every effort to accomplish that task.

    Men get off on their ability to get women off. He will be bound and determined to be your perfect lover once he understands what your perfect lover is.

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